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Though a little later than the rest of the world, at last the Bulgarian army started to reequip with modern kevlar helmets. No matter of the high price and the problem with te ageing, it is only a matter of time for these helmets to completely replace the steel helmets in the new Bulgarian army /the professional army that will be built till 2008 - 2010/.


The Bulgarian army has several types of kevlar helmets /though only one type is the main/.

The first 7 pieces arrived in year 2000, as a gift from the Canadian government. Not only a gift, but also a way for the Bulgarian military officials to get familiar with this new equipment. The Bulgarian military authorities were impressed, so in 2001 were ordered 100 more helmets from Canada.

In the same time, a Bulgarian defense engineering company developed a Bulgarian kevlar helmet, but the production price was too high, so the project was abandoned. The prototypes were given to the army for tests. The company became representative of a German company in the same field of production and imported a small number of its helmets.


The main deliveries fo kevlar helmet are from Croatia, made by the German-Croatian company Sestan-Bush. The helmets passed with excellent results the tests at the Executive Agency "Tests and Control Measurements of Weapons, Equipment and Properties". In 2002 came the first bigger shipment of about 400 helmets. More followed, so the total reached about 2000 /in the first quarter on 2004, when Bulgaria enter NATO/. These helmets are not yet enough for the ordinary army, they are in the equipment of the Bulgarian units in Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan. A low number of helmets were found to have defects, fortunately the control is goog enough.


This is the website of the Croatian manufacturer, it contains interesting information about the qualities and characteristics of the helmets: http://www.sestan-busch.hr/

Warning: Предупреждение: This article does not contain classified information, State or military secrets and confidential matherial. All the facts are from the mass media, mainly newspapers. The pictures are from the online version of the newspaper "Bulgarian Army", they are credited here according to the law.